In case you wanted to know more about the people behind this blog, here’s a little bit about the authors from Plymouth university and what interests them in our chosen topic:


Euan Ayers

Originally from Andover, Hampshire. Moved to Plymouth University from Peter Symonds College, Winchester. Where I studied Geography, BTEC IT Diploma, and Computing. I am a 1st year BSc Geography student. My aspirations are to create a blog that raises awareness of current issues with the ocean as well as highlighting the main problems in the ocean. Interests include overfishing, morphodynamics, and The Ming dynasty and Ancient Greece.


Charlotte Harper

1st year BSc Marine Biology and Oceanography student from Norwich. Hope to work in marine conservation preferably in Australia! Can be found out on the water sailing or drinking coffee listening to 70’s rock music. Subject interests include plastic pollution, marine conservation and effects of climate change on coral reefs.

Tia Ellis

1st year BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing student. Subject interests include ocean dead zones, human impact on ecosystems and the sea’s effects on human health.


Connor King

1st year MGeol Geology student from Worcestershire in the West Midlands, UK. My subject interest is Planetary Science in general, and after uni, I’d really like to work in Antarctica or for the European Space Agency! When not working I’m running or practising archery.

Scott Brookland

1st year BSc Environmental science student at Plymouth university. I am originally from Bristol in the south west of England. My subject interests are climate change, ocean warming and marine conservation. I hope to work in helping reduce climate change and in protecting our oceans. When I’m not working I’m playing rugby or at the gym.